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Dr.Abuzar Ebrahimi The head of the Islamic Culture and Relations Organization (ICRO) called for the termination of violence against Muslims in Myanmar

His Excellency Dr.Ashin NiaNisara

Honorable President of the International Academy of Buddhism Sitagu, Myanmar


With my Best regards and greetings, as you are aware, the message of all divine religions and human rituals after inviting to the truth is to protect peace and friendship and respect and kindness for all human beings. So when the alleged acts of violence and extremism in religion and ritual, is deplorable and worrisome because it leads to mistaken judgments religious orders is efficient. Obviously, the role and mission of religious leaders, along with other political and social leaders, is very important for the achievement of sustainable peace and the humorous life of humans together and the leaders of divine religions and human rituals as characters who defend the privacy of humanity and human beings as their core responsibilities. Have a significant impact on the reduction of violence and conflict and the alleviation of human suffering. In this regard, the issue of communication and cooperation and the promotion of constructive dialogue has become increasingly important today. My Understanding from your Excellency during several important and constructive meetings and discussions in Iran and Myanmar has encouraged me to continue these discussions.


His Excellency Dr.Ashin NiaNisara


As your excellency know the current turbulent world is in suffer  from the crisis of extremism in the name of religion or race and every day we are witness to murder of innocent people and the destruction of cities and worship places by groups that merely consider themselves believers and accuse others and allowing themselves to murder and loot them. While Your Excellency is well aware that the true view of all religions and religions is based on peace, friendship and peaceful life and  no religion accepts that a person will be deprived and his life and property should be violated because of being  Buddhist or Muslim or dependent on their ethnicity . 


His Excellency Dr.Ashin NiaNisara


It’s a long time, news and documentary evidence of violent behavior between Myanmar Muslim and Buddhist people has been published in the media that hurts every human being heart regardless to their religion  and  while the common image of followers of Buddhism has always been a picture of friendship, and tolerance alongside each other. Undoubtedly, the presence of well-educated and influential figures such as Your Excellency, who advocates peace and friendship between humans and the adoption of principled positions in the conflicts, will help bring peace to that country. You know better than anyone else that the root of hostilities in that region, whether religious or ethnic, has not another solution expect a negotiation and dialog. Due to this significant and effective position of Your Excellency that I get familiar with your Excellency ethical and influential characteristics in the Buddhist community, I sincerely request the from your Excellency as the highest Buddhist leader of Myanmar to urgently address the violence and issue the necessary orders and advices for the immediate resolution of this violence and the realization of the peace and loving life among the various sections of the community of Myanmar and Change the atmosphere of the tragedy and sadness between Muslims and Buddhists in the community of Myanmar into a stable, peaceful, friendly and tolerant atmosphere. Hereby Me declare that I am ready to cooperate with you in the context of the meetings and constitutive statements that we have had with each other on this humanitarian path in order to overcome this humanitarian crisis.

Wish the health and prosperity of Your Excellency and all the people who are struggling to achieve peace and friendship and peaceful life of the human community. I’m very hopeful that with the valuable efforts of your Excellency, we will soon see and hear the news of the peaceful ending of violence and conflict and the establishment of a friendship atmosphere among all community members of the Myanmar.


Abuzar Ebrahimi

08:16 - 09/09/2017    /    Number : 685526    /    Show Count : 75

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