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Political parties law comes into effect

The organic law on political parties, which introduces primary vote, has been promulgated, taking effect on Sunday.

The 2017 Constitutional Act on Political Parties, one of the four required to come into effect before the next general election is held, was published in the Royal Gazette on Saturday.

Among the changes the 152-section law introduces are the required seed funds, as well as membership fees, and the primary vote. 

Before each party is set up, it must have at least 500 co-founders and a seed fund of not less than 1 million baht, contributed by all of its founders at rates ranging between 1,000 and 50,000 baht.

A party must collect an annual fee of 100 baht a year or a one-off lifetime fee of 2,000 baht from its members.

An MP candidate must be first chosen by his/her party’s respective branch or provincial representatives before he/she can run under its banner.

Any donor to a party, its executives or members to support prohibited acts under Section 44 shall be subject to a jail term of not more than 10 years and/or a fine not more than 200,000 baht. He or she also loses the right to run for elections.

The court may also try, hear witnesses and rule in absentia in a case where the defendant under the law has fled and cannot be brought to trial.

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