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Ministry set to reel in loan sharks
Prime Minister Prayut Chan-o-cha has instructed the Finance Ministry to expedite efforts to tackle the problem of loan sharks and ensure the debtors understand and comply with the terms they sign up to.
 06:54 - 2/01/2018 - コメント : 0詳細 >>
news :
Tax deductions approved for touring 55 provinces
The cabinet on Tuesday approved annual income tax deductions of up to 15,000 baht for people visiting 55 "second-tier" tourism provinces next year.
 06:53 - 2/01/2018 - コメント : 0詳細 >>
news :
Cops crack down on 95 bad monks
The Central Investigation Bureau (CIB) has launched a nationwide crackdown on 95 rogue monks, singling out those who indulge in sex, scams, transvestism and politics.
 06:51 - 2/01/2018 - コメント : 0詳細 >>
news :
Health ministry sets lofty HIV reduction goal
A woman tries to slip a condom onto a wooden phallus as a sign reads "Do it in 3 seconds to win a shirt". The activity was one of many held by the Aids Access Foundation at the Bangkok Art and Culture Centre to educate people about HIV/Aids prevention and raise funds for patients on World Aids Day. (Photo by Wichan Charoenkiatpakul)
 06:49 - 31/12/2017 - コメント : 0詳細 >>
news :
Muslims in Asia protest against Jerusalem plan
Protesters burn Trump effigy outside embassy in Kuala Lumpur
 06:46 - 31/12/2017 - コメント : 0詳細 >>
news :
Cultural Center presence in YWCA Diplomatic Bazaar 2017
Selections of premium products from around the world presented during the 64rd "YWCA Diplomatic Charity Bazaar 2017@CentralWorld" from Nov 19-20 . cultural center
 08:15 - 20/11/2017 - コメント : 0詳細 >>
Governors instructed to take people’s answers to PM’s six questions
Interior Minister Chatchai Phromlert has sent an urgent message to all provincial governors, telling them to order the Damrongtham centres to invite people in their areas of responsibility to reply to the six questions raised by Prime Minister Prayut Chan-o-cha.
 07:58 - 20/11/2017 - コメント : 0詳細 >>

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