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                 The great ceremonial functions of culture and art has initially collected Persian experienced and famous artists

The great ceremonial functions of culture and art has initially collected several Persian experienced and famous artists; most of them are comprised of the leading delegate, Director of the cultural organization and the youth and child training officials.  They come to participate in the event  “Thai-Iranian Friendship Week” The event will be held on 9-15 January B.E. 2549 at the cultural center of Thailand.  This event has received the co-operation from both sides of Thai and Iranian foreign affairs ministries.  The event will be divided into 2 sections that is  “For youth and child section” and “adult section”

The Event will provide for shopping, books, products selling and Iranian Traditional food and also openning for the exhibitions, cultural drama, films for family and films for child, particularly presenting the “New born” which authorized by Mr. Mahmud Farahung

The event will start at 09.00 am-21.00 pm. You can find several kinds of art demonstration for example the sculpture, painting , drawing pattern’s on clothes and animal  skins.  The ancient sculpture of Persian arts which the Iranian museum brought to show in this event will be found and you can reserve the C.D. for tourist education of Iran in this mentioned event.

You are enjoyed to meet and take with the famous Iranian artists such as Mr.  Majid, Muhidi, Sayyid Raza, Margarimi Buron and the Prestigeous Iranian film maker Mr. Mahamud Farahang, Mr. Fatta Ali yik , Mr. Dadzukri,  Mr. Yad Ilahi,  Mr. Dawood Sahba


The Most fascinating is that you would have to taste and closely touch with the Traditional Thai and Iranian food cooking, Touching the Folk way of life, sitting on the floor and sip tea and coffee.  In this special occasion you can take with you your family, your kinds to enjoy participation with youth and child activities and mean while you can also see the film making in the site.



The co-operation of culture and art ceremonial event has successed because of the cordially joint participation of both  countries organizations, the cultural center the Embassy of the Islamic Republic of Iran to Thailand and the following : -

1.The Cultural and Islamic Guidance ministry

2. Television and Radio Broadcasting  Organization of the Islamic Republic of Iran

3. Iranian Tourism organization

4. Islamic Art and Academy organization

5. Youth and child Training organization

6. Islamic Cultural and Public Relation organization

7. Iranian national Museum

8. Private organization of Iran

9. Cultural Ministry of Thailand

10. The office of national culture Committee

11. Iranian people who reside in Thailand


The place for event …………..

The office of national cultural committee Rachadapisek Road;

Khet Huay khang  Bangkok 10320

Tel. 02-247-0013-9  247-70028
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