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            Deeped Excavation into archaeological Persian literature particular on the poetical works of Firdowsi

Just last few days, the fine art University tab Kaeo Nakorn Prathom requested invitation H.E. Cultural Attaché of the Islamic Republic of Iran to Bangkok Joint participation in the program of learning and teaching under the Title on “Deeped Excavation into archaeological Persian literature particular on the poetical works of Firdowsi”

The Teaching started at 13.00 PM. In the faculty of humanity, 100 students who are learning on archaeology, attended class which has been teaching by H.E. Seyed Muhammad Khalili, he has introduced the students to know the Culture, civilization and literature particularly the Persian heritage involving language and literature. He tried to divide the literature of language into three stages by starting from the ancient language, middle age and present time. He wrote the lay out of chart to express obviously for better understanding of the students who were interesting impressively, he has also brough the various documents from other original sources to explain the students to know that those of scholars since the past until nowadays, they have accepted unanimously that the Iranian literature which written by the Persian language, was the oldest and spared into the other countries and also having the most influent to those neighboring countries and become to be its own Culture. He also added that the ancient Persian language has more powerful to the other languages as same as the present time, Persian language has still been recognized to be the foundation of language to enter to understand the civilization. H.E. Seyed Muhammad Khalili has said further more that the personality of the poet particular, Firsowsi who wrote Shahnameh. Firdowsi described in his epic every aspect of human behavior. It is realized to be the international knowledge for all humankind, regardless the race, the nation or the culture be cause of this fact the contemporary world has accepted his poem as the world wide literature which used the simple language that the readers can understand it easily, because the famous poet, Firdowsi, was a genius who mastered the Persian language.

The students in the classroom raised some questions and then H.E. Seyed Muhammad Khalili Answered and explained clearly until the students understood thoroughly.

The last of lesson, the teacher opened videotape C.D. the story of Shahnameh and the historical pictures about the life of Firdowsi for the students. Finally the time ended at 16.30 PM. The lesson come to the end. Many students paid attention to apply them selves to study Farsi language.

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