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                                                      Basic lessons of Farsi language for foreigners

There are 21 chapters in the text on “Basic lessons of Farsi language for foreigners”. It is the tape cassettes for help learning and teaching Persian Language (Farsi). Mr.Taqi pournom doriyon, the author, is an Iranian expert in this valuable task. The course has been known as an intensive course for the basic learning of primary disciplines which has been specially provided for the beginners in Thailand. According to the basic learning, the beginning with Persian alphabets is very basically, which some students may be never listen it before.

With in the first ten lessons have been made in the form of C.D. by the authorization of the cultural center. There are only 3 sets have been composed by using both Farsi and Thai lanquages. The Audio performance in the form of tape C.D. is the category of learning media; to help students to know how to make a sentence and understanding the Persian structure including the textual annual in Thai version which actually comply with the process of production for teaching and learning medias. These instruments of learning would exactly help you enable to pronounce the Persian pronunciation correctly and explaining it with exercising fit for foreigners only .

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